Our Programmes

 Group Discussions
 In the Company of the Scholars  Various Speakers
 Islam under Microscope  Various Speakers
 Islamic Viewpoint  Various Speakers
 In the Shade of the Scholars  Various Speakers
 The Impact of the Weakness of Faith  Guest-Zhao Rong Ling, Host-Lv Feng Xiang
 Shariah and Fiqh  Guest-Ma Chang Sheng, Host-Ma Xue Ping
 Understanding of Islam from various aspects  Guest-Ma Xue Ping, Host-Ma Chang Sheng
 Al Akhlaaqul Islam  Guest-Zhu Ming Zhi, Host-Li Jin Liang
 Is Islam Universal or Local?  Guest-Zhang Wei Zhen, Host-Lv Feng Xiang
 How to Understand Islam  Guest-Ma Xue Ping Host- Wang Cai Ming
 Eemaan and Life  Guest-Zhu Ming Zhi, Host-Li Jin Liang
 Seerah of the Prophet (pbuh)  Guest-Lv Feng Xiang, Host-Zhu Ming Zhi
 The Necessity of Faith for Humanity  Guest-Li Jin Liang, Host-Ma Xue Ping
 Personalities in Qur'an  Guest-La Yong Cheng, Host-Zhu Ming Zhi
 Oneness of Allah in Worship  Guest-Yang Yun Fei, Host-Zhu Ming Zhi
 How to understand the Prophet's Biography today  Guest-Zhang Wei Zhen, Host-Ma Xue Ping
 Faith and Worship  Guest-Li Xian Fu Host-by Zhao Chang Wei
 Spread of Islam in China: Its History, the Present Condition and the Future  Guest-Ma Wei Jie Host-Ma Peng / Zhao Chang Wei
 The Importance of Knowledge (Interview)  Guest-Li Xian Fu Host-Zhao Chang Wei
 Life of the Companions  Guest-Li Xian Fu Host-Ma Peng
 The Simplified Fiqh and the Life of the Companions  Guest-Li Xian Fu Host-Ma Peng
 The Concept of Moderation in Islam and the Rights of a Muslim  Guest-Li Xian Fu Host-Ma Peng
 The Fiqh of the Muslim Minorities  Guest-Ma Chang Sheng Host-Ma Peng / Zhao Chang Wei
 The Personality of a Muslim  Guest-Qian Yong Hong Host-Ma Peng / Zhao Chang Wei
 Knowing Islam  Guest-Qian Yong Hong Host-Ma Peng
 Education and Upbringing of the Muslim Women in China  Guest-Tan Sheng Hu Host-Zhao Chang Wei
 Obedience to the Leader of the Believers  Guest-Tan Sheng Hu Host-Zhao Chang Wei
 The Problems Surrounding Islam and the Muslims  Guest-Xie Song Host-Zhao Chang Wei
 Qualities of Islam  Guest-Xie Song Host-Ma Peng
 Islamic Upbringing  Guest-Zhang Jin Yong Host-Ma Peng
 The Misconceptions about Islam among the non-Muslims in China  Guest-Ma Yong Gui Host-Zhao Chang Wei
 TV Talk
 Description of Paradise in Islam  Ma Ju
 The Beautiful Names of Allah  Ma Ju
 How to act upon Quran?  Ma Xue Ping
 How to act upon Sunnah?  Ma Xue Ping
 Introduction to the Islamic Message  Ma Chang Sheng
 The Balanced Islamic Thought  Ma Chang Sheng
 A General Introduction to Islam  Li Shan Mu
 Importance of Societies in Islam  Ma Chang Sheng
 Safeguarding the Soul  Ma Chang Sheng
 Eemaan and its Realities  Zhao Rong Liang
 The Nation of Qur'an  La Yong Cheng
 Ar-Raheequl Makhtoom  Lv Feng Xiang
 Tauheedullahi  Ma Yan Cheng
 Worshiping One God  Yang Yun Fei
 Islamic Personalities in History  Zhang Wei Zhen
 Biography of the Prophet (pbuh)  Ma Xue Ping
 Worship and Life  Li Jin Liang
 Good Manners  Tan Sheng Hu
 Understanding Aqeedah  Zhang Jin Yong
 The Qualities of a Muslim found in the Qur'an and Sunnah  Xie Song
 Islamic Doctrine  Ma Ya
 Status of Islam  Ma Yong Gui
 An Introduction to the Qur'an  Ma Yong Gui
 The Virtue of Knowledge  Tan Sheng Hu
 Islamic Manners  Zhang Jin Yong
 Characteristics of Islam  Ma Chang Sheng
 How to Achieve Happiness?  Ma Wei Jie
 Important Information for the Muslims  Ma Yuan Feng
 Summary of the Tajweed Rules of the Qur'an  Ma Yuan Feng
 Character of a Muslim  Qian Yong Hong
 Science of the Qur'an  Qian Yong Hong